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NUTRILITE Vitamin D is derived from two natural sources. It uses cultured yeast – a high concentrated source of vitamin D – that has been carefully cultured at a NutriCert™ certified partner facility. NutriCert™ certification of partner facility ensures its compliance with the NUTRILITE brand’s high-quality standards. The naturally derived, nutrient-rich yeast has been used to create a supplement that is closer to the diverse nutrient spectrum found in the diet than supplements containing only a synthetic form of vitamin D.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Adults take one tablet a day, with or without a meal. PER DAY AVERAGE CONTENT (1 TABLET) % NRV* Vitamin D............................15 µg (600 IU).........300 * % of Nutrient Reference Value

Package: 90 tablets

* About 30 minutes of daily sun exposure of the arms and face without sunscreen could usually provide the daily vitamin D needs. The amount of Vitamin D produced in the skin with the help of the sun might beaffected by latitude, season, ozone layer and clouds, surface characteristics, clothing, skin colour, and age., Source: EFSA NDA Panel, 2016. Scientific opinion on dietary reference values for vitamin D. EFSA Journal 2016;14(10):4547, 145pp. doi:10.2903/j.efsa.2016.4547; ** Source: Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Researched and Authored by Prof Michael C Herbst [D Litt et Phil (Health Studies); D N Ed; M Art et Scien: B A Cur; Dip Occupational Health] Approved by Ms Elize Joubert, Chief Executive Officer [BA Social Work (cum laude); MA Social Work] September 2017

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