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The exclusive iCOOK™ Knifeware Set offers five premium forged, German stainless steel knives designed by renowned knife expert, Ken Onion, and endorsed by iCOOK™ Culinary Specialist, Jason Roberts.

Great cooking begins with good cutting. Good cutting begins with iCOOK™ Knifeware.

The Knifeware set includes the storage tray.


  • Forged stainless steel.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Curved cutting edge.
  • German stainless steel called DIN 1.4116.
  • Hollow ground "grantons" on the Santuko knife.


  • A fully forged knife, such as iCOOK™ Knifeware, is one where the blade, bolster and tang are formed from one piece of metal. The forged construction is considered to be very strong, durable and long lasting.
  • Specifically designed curvature on the underside that adds control and stability especially when cutting larger, harder foods.
  • The cutting edge is curved to match the natural action of the wrist while cutting. This curvature also helps prevent the need to involve the elbow and shoulder when cutting. When cutting with the wrist alone, you maintain better control over the blade edge.
  • This steel is specially formulated for forged knives.
  • Allow the foods you are cutting to release more easily from the side of the blade. It is ideal for cutting foods that stick to the blade - such as potatoes. It is also great for cutting meats, fish and vegetables.

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