The Life I deserve

The Life I deserve

What is your ideal lifestyle? The lifestyle that you love and want to live? Are you happy with where you are?

We all have dreamed of what kind of lifestyle we wish to live. What we want to become in life and most importantly have a career and worked really hard studying towards that career goal with the hope that I will afford and have everything I ever dream of soon as I complete that degree. Until reality hits. I don’t know about you, but growing up has really been a challenge for me especially when it comes to finances. I never really had the freedom to work for myself, enjoy my own money as I wish I could. Not that I’m complaining, trust me nothing feels as good as being able to help and support your family, it means the world to me. I love and enjoy helping and supporting my loved ones to the extent that I put everything and everyone first leaving my desires and needs behind because with I couldn’t afford everything I wanted to achieve with my salary alone.

Life After Graduation

I don’t know about you but I have really struggled to get a permanent job that I have actually studied a degree for, it was a battle to even get an internship, come to realize now that I work for a company that I’m actually involved in some of the important works and feel really hands-on and responsibly or should I say accountable, that the companies are really busy and always on top of deadlines to meet clients requirements and trust me, every company’s biggest goal is customer satisfaction.

That is why so many companies are seemingly so selfish to take on fresh graduate, they don’t really have time to train new people and trust me you might have studied 3 – 4 years but it was just an introduction or basics compared to when its gets to the real world(maybe not all careers). Not that its a bad thing or a waste of time, just that things get really different when it comes to applying what you have studied to the real world and many companies work in many different ways, and there are other skills that they don’t teach in a school that you might have to educate yourself or learn when you get hired, but they are always on the candidate’s requirements which are painful. It might take you sometime to finally get that job that you envisioned when you were hard on those studies, it took me a few years. Just don’t get discouraged and keep on pushing.

The 9 – 5 Job

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Everything starts with basics, we always start from the bottom then slowly climb the ladder. But some people were fortunate enough that things went a little faster than how I’m explaining it here, but that was not the case for me. I’ve had some challenges, lots of them. When you just finished school it starts with an internship that is not a permanent job, it’s like a beginner level or a student outside of school because you now starting to work in the real world and things are a lot different than at school and it’s more like a training period. You get paid too little and it’s not even called a salary, it’s a stipend. It can take some time to even obtain that internship, well at least it did for me and some people I know. We ended up taking on some jobs /learnerships that are non-relevant to what we studied for,which is better than nothing but painful. Please don’t feel intimidated here, I don’t mean to scare you because it gets better. I’m actually pretty comfortable and so greatful for my job, and so greatful that I finished my studies.

But I wish I had done something else on the side while I was still a student. I wish I had a side hustle, but I didn’t know nothing about what I can do, I have no body that I know that had or knew something that as a student I can do to make some extra cash while I’m still studying. I literally was in varsity, owning a laptop and a smart phone, living in a student resident with unlimited internet access with no clue of all these opportunities that anyone literally at any age of being able to use a smart phone or laptop can literally make money for themselves. Like guys it breaks my heart, what was I doing? YouTube was there with all the education one can need for anything and I mean anything including all the side hustles that you can do whether you are a working class or a student, a mom, a house wife, anyone.

Always Sustain Your Income

Find a side hustle that you can work from anywhere!

It’s always not enough or at least, tell me you don’t have any responsibilities and you work only for yourself, that would be great and I’m so happy for you. You might not have any responsibilities now(which is rare) but the future is probably different, things change you might have kids, get married, or might be some changes in the family or whatever the case may be. I always advise to never depend on one stream of income, never depend on your salary alone. Some people tend to think I’m referring to the fact that we must all fight to be rich or wealthy which is not a bad idea, but I always find them defensive because of the tone “not everyone wants to be rich, some of us just want to afford” that sure sounds like “some of us just want to survive” Oh dear! You might not be after being rich or wealthy but you might be wanting a car, it doesn’t have to be a fancy one but you need a car. You might not be dreaming of a mansion but you need a proper place to stay, a place that feels safe and healthy for you and your kids(s) if you’re a parent. Or at least those are my reasons behind all my hustles outside of my 9 – 5 job. There are many more desires that one needs to fulfil with money and in that case, your salary might need some help.

Getting into Debt

All that I have mentioned above can lead to debt, really terribly debt. I’m not saying you have to always buy everything cash, which would be great by the way but when you start buying on credit it means the money you have is not enough and many things can happen in life that you might need even more money and that leads into more debts. The next thing you realize, you are sinking in debt, you can hardly pay all of them, you can’t have enough food and all the household necessities and it gets worse over time. Interest grows as you fail to pay or don’t pay on time, and that makes things really worse I can’t express it enough, and yes I’m talking from experience. Remember the beginning of this post we discussed how sometimes you don’t easily get that paying job of your dream soon after graduation and you don’t wanna find yourself in this situation. Avoid taking debt as much as possible, no I’m not expecting you to have cash for everything, I don’t but be careful.

The truth and the pain is, life doesn’t always go my way or your way or how we’ve planned or wish it could. As we grow up we find ourselves committing to many financial commitments that sometimes are even out of our control or it can be out of peer pressure. Find yourself a second stream of income, the world is so quickly shifting into almost depending on technology more than in person or face to face work or business. My advice is just to get your hands dirty is this technology thing, I’m so grateful I chose IT as a career but you don’t have to take on an IT Degree babe, the world has changed there are so many self-taught IT gurus who are way advanced than me, so many free YouTube courses, so many online short courses that you would be surprised on how much value they have. Learn computer basics if you don’t know how to use it, find a way around advancing yourself on how the internet works and it will be very easy for you to get involved with the side hassles that have retired so many youngsters in today’s world.

A Way Out of Debt

If you are like me have been in debt or currently battling with debts, you need to find a way out and you need to act now! It’s painful but it’s doable. I have learnt that to be able to pay off your debts rather quicker or get out of that Arrears zone which basically means your account is overdue and you get penalized and get charged even more than it supposed to be, which doesn’t make any sense because if you’re struggling to pay now, how is it helping to add penalties to that debt I wanna cry. I have learned that I should live below my means, basically become poor until you finish paying them debts. Give up all the things that are possible to be given up to use that money to pay your debts, be it less of eating out or not eating out at all, live from rice and beans – beans and rice, no new hairstyle for some time or even consider cutting your hair, no nice nails ladies there’s so many things we committed our money into and we can actually take that sacrifice and it’s only for a period of time.

And obviously the second stream of income. Maybe if you can build that side hustle you won’t even have to give up some of the things you love doing just to pay off your debt depending on how big is your debt or how fast you want it to go away. A quick hack, from your budget and by the way if you don’t write a budget, please do. So from your budget for each month, add up all the money that goes into debt and see how you can be saving up should you close some of most of these debts. I’m currently in network marketing which I do part-time as my second of income and it has been helping me in many different ways than just having more money, it’s really been so educational and I’m loving every second.

I won’t talk much about network marketing on this post, which will be our topic on the next post. Trust me you want to get involved in this business, it’s literally an industry itself and its booming. People have been skeptical for not being able or willing to sell or prospect, you can literally learn or study anything you want to become good at. Like I said network marketing has now become an industry or profession itself, there are courses everywhere and most network marketing companies provide training and even better coaching and counselling. Get involved, it’s an amazing opportunity.

My Advice

You deserve everything your heart desires and it is very much possible to have it all. I personally am a big dreamer and I’m all in chasing my dreams. Don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on your career, everything in life have its ups and downs but guess what? we always get through no matter how hard it is. Let me make one more thing right, people tend to think we are against studying when we recommend having another income stream and trying to show what can go sideways as I did in this post. We are not, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my job, but it’s not enough, and when you learn about the way they give increase to their employees you will definitely want to consider that second income stream. And also, it doesn’t always turn out the way we dream when you lend that job but trust me it’s the best feeling ever.

This is for everyone and anyone, but if you’re still in school, high school, college, varsity anywhere but please just get involved. Find your way to make yourself some cash now before you even get your first job because I wish I did at that stage. However, it’s never too late for anyone at any stage of life.

I hope you guys enjoyed this reading as I enjoyed writing it, please let me know in the comments below so that I know if my blog is adding any value to your life. I love you guys and we will chat soon on our next post. Now let’s get to work ladies and gentlemen, and please be patient with yourself.

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